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Museum Use

Donations are accepted in lieu of Admission Fees.

Please do not touch the items on exhibit. If an item is interactive and allowed to be touched or interacted with, it will be identified with “orange hand” (hands-on) signage.

Please leave all bags, packages, food, and drinks at the front desk. This will enable an easier opportunity to experience and explore the museum.

Still photography and videotaping for personal use only is allowed throughout the Museum, with some exceptions (those will be identified with “no photography” signage). Flash photography is not permitted. Commercial recording is permitted with approval by the Museum Director. No photographs or videos may be reproduced or distributed for sale without written permission.

Individuals visiting the museum are subject to being photographed and video-recorded for museum uses, including the express use of their likeness in promotional advertising. The Museum is monitored by close-captioned surveillance in all areas.

Unpaid gift shop merchandise is to remain in the gift shop or at the front desk until it is purchased.

Staff areas are closed to the public, including the collection storage spaces.

Visitors are to respect the Museum, and its staff and volunteers at all times. Any disrespect and/or violence may result in the visitor being asked to leave. If a visitor refuses to comply, they may be trespassed from the Museum and/or law enforcement may be called.

Use of the Museum reflects agreement and compliance of these terms and conditions.

The Museum is operated by the Kittitas County Historical Society, Inc., a private, 501(c)3, charitable nonprofit organization.